Affects of Whiplash After An Accident

At Horizon Health Care Group our office has been well-known in the treatment of injuries whether it is sport related, falls, or the typical automobile accident. Today we will focus on the Auto Accidents. Most people when injured experience a condition we call Whiplash. This is when the head is thrown violently into the headrest or simply from side to side. This causes damages to the muscles, ligaments, and in some cases nerve and disc damage. The effects of a whiplash injury can last days, weeks, or even months if not treated. Some secondary symptoms are headaches.

Many people go to the ER after an accident, which is good. But the truth is the ER just kicks you out with medication and tells you to go to an Orthopedic doctor if the pain continues. There are a few issues with this. First, there is nothing an Orthopedic doctor will do for you and second if you are like many other Americans, you don’t have health insurance. So, whiplash after an accident my suggestion is you need to see a doctor that specializes in the injuries you have and also will work with you when you don’t have insurance. My first suggestion is to see a Chiropractor or Physical Therapist. Both of these medical specialists are more comfortable in treating your injuries. When you have a physical injury, the best treatment is physical not a medication(chemical). All that does is cover symptoms.

Remember what I said at the beginning that this can last for months. Well the effects will last longer depending on the damage and also if you don’t get treatment immediately. At Horizon Health Care Group, we provide you with Chiropractic and Physical Therapy treatment that allows the injury to be treated properly.

If patients don’t respond then MRI’s and other more invasive treatment will be necessary. What do you do if you don’t have insurance? This become tricky. If the accident is not your fault, we suggest you get an attorney immediately and find a physician that can work with you. Some even will work with you on an attorney lien. Meaning, they will wait till your case settles and then get paid for their services.

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