Foreign Language School Trips to Spain

Little is better for foreign language learning than a visit to a country where the language is spoken. School trips to Spain take students across the country to regions where the language is spoken in different ways: the capital of Madrid, the “pure” Spanish of Bilbao and Cantabria, the widely spoken Spanish of Andalucía with its Arabic-influence vocabulary, and the side-by-side languages of Spanish and Catalan in Barcelona.


The Spanish capital, Madrid, offers countless conversations for Spanish language students. Tour the El País newspaper’s facility, read the newspaper and discuss its contents. Order lunch at a restaurant. Explore Madrid’s museums and art galleries, read the Spanish-language information placards and learn about the country’s rich cultural history. Students will see their confidence in speaking day-to-day Spanish grow, expanding their vocabulary and their understanding of the language’s more subtle nuances, as well as enjoying the many wonderful sights that Madrid has to offer.


Barcelona takes students to the urban heart of Catalonia, where Catalan is spoken alongside – and instead of – Spanish. There are nonetheless many opportunities for students to practise their Spanish, from conversations with vendors in the famous fresh produce market Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, located just off La Rambla, to browsing signs, menus, books and museum information. Barcelona is a beautiful city and an excellent destination for any school trips to Spain, inspiring students with the architecture of Antoni Gaudí and exciting sports fans with an excursion to Barcelona FC’s Camp Nou. Adventurous linguists will enjoy adding Catalan to their repertoire alongside working on their Spanish skills.


Those planning school trips to Spain can find almost no better destination than Andalucía, a pivotal region in the development of Spanish history and culture. Touring the mountains and white villages and walking through the historic cities will give students a new perspective on the country. They can order tapas and learn about its history in the region, or consider the moral concerns around the sport of bullfighting. The Spanish spoken in Andalucía is one of the most widely spoken forms, but students will find the regional history apparent in the language – Andalucían Spanish retains more Arabic words than elsewhere in the country.

Bilbao and Cantabria

This northwest region of the country is where an especially “pure” version of Spanish is spoken, making it a perfect place for students to work on their core Spanish skills. It is also a region rich in cultural heritage. Students on school trips to Spain can see the Upper Paleolithic paintings in the Caves of Altamira, admire the art in the European Guggenheim museum in Bilbao or enjoy the lush green mountainous landscape and sandy beaches – all the while perfecting their pronunciation and gaining confidence in their vocabulary by speaking to the local people.

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