The Law of Success and the Law of Attraction – 3 Ways to Make These Two Laws Work For You

So, do you wish to succeed? You can because he can, who thinks he can. In his great classic “Working with the Law” from the distant 1941 Raymond Holliwell wrote:

“GOD intended every individual to succeed. It is God’s purpose that man should become great. It is God’s will that man should not only use, but enjoy, every good in the universe. The Law of God denies man nothing.
Man is born to be rich. The powers inherent in him are inexhaustible. Each normal person is endowed with a complete set of faculties which, if properly developed and scientifically applied, will insure success, ever- growing success. Man is made for progress. Every man contains within himself the capacity for endless development. Advancement into all things is the Law’s great purpose. By learning to work with the Law in promoting that aim, man may build himself into greater and greater success.”

Now let us analyze these words of wisdom. We are all here for one purpose and that is to be successful. Regardless of whether there is God or not, we are all supposed to be successful. Not only that we can be successful, we have to be successful. And it is not as hard as it seems. In fact, looking at the definition, which the Dean of Personal Development, the famous Earl Nightingale, gave to success it becomes clear how easy success is:
“Success is the constant realization of a worthy ideal.”

Can you see it? Success is not to achieve your goal from the first attempt. No. Success is to keep trying and going forward under the guidance of a worthy ideal. As long as you are pursuing your worthy ideal, you are successful. Even failures are welcome in this process. In fact, wouldn’t it be a good idea to look at failures as feedback? So the next time you fail, stop yourself, analyze the situation, and then get back and use the experience to achieve your goal.

The Law of Success is a great and profound law, but it is simply one of the Laws of the Universe. There are also the Law of Attraction, as well as nine other great laws. All of these, when applied in unison lead to success, and even something more – fulfillment. And to master these laws, to make them work for you, I would recommend a great audio program I recently listened to – “The 11 Forgotten Laws” by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrisey. There are many ways to learn the Law of Attraction and the other laws, and if you are interested in furthering your studies, then you should click on the link below to check out my review of this program, as well as other related programs, which will help you to make the Law of Attraction work for you. May your success be more than you can handle!

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